Author/Submission Requirements

Author/Submission Requirements

The Centre’s publications cover a wide range of well-researched topics onHealthcare, Education, Environment, Security, Governance, Poverty, Criminal Justice Sector, Agriculture & Food Security, Religion and Values, Energy, Children’s Rights, Politics and Elections, Technology & Communication, Gender, Ethnic Relations, Infrastructure, Economy, Africa Diaspora, Land& Resources, Housing& Urban Developmentframed from the lens of Justice, Constitutionalism, and Social progress. The authors are credible professionals in diverse fields. The guidelines below describe the expectations and obligations of the authors.

Publication Types

  • The articles that are contributed in the website/ blog and magazine: These are between 750 – 1,500 words.
  • Policy statements: These range between 1,500 – 3,000 words and can be styled as critiques or recommendations.
  • *Journals

Submission Procedures

  • The editorial team makes the final decision to publish or not to publish an article based on its relevance, the quality of the piece, and overall, its adherence to the requirements as established in this editorial policy.
  • All submissions will be proofread and/or edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. The editors reserve the right, when necessary, to request manuscript revisions from the original author or to incorporate revisions directly. Editors will send edited articles to the author for review before publication. If an author is unable to respond by the identified deadline, the editor reserves the right to proceed with publication of the edited article.
  • The Centre condemns any use of plagiarism, which undermines the credibility of both the contributor and our institution. Authors are entirely responsible for any accusations of plagiarism.
  • All illustrations including photos, graphics, graphs, info graphics should be in gif, png, jpg, or jpeg format. The author must submit evidence that these illustrations are free to use (e.g. it is from copyright-free website, or the contributor has approval from its owner).
  • All authors of blog posts are encouraged to send a short biography consisting of their name, affiliation and any other relevant information to be added publicly at the end of the piece.
  • All authors who contribute are encouraged to promote their contributions once they are published, on their own websites, through social media platforms, through emails to colleagues and peers, etc.
  • The authors are carefully selected for their expertise and their views on issues do not necessarily represent the views of the Centre and its network. We seek to create a forum to share diverse viewpoints to help our targeted audience make informed decisions on policy issues.

How to Submit

  • The email subject title and file name must be ‘Article/Policy Statement Submission – (Name). Send content as an attachment to the e-mail, not in the body of the message. The author should include their biographical information and any contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses of people or organizations mentioned in their article.
  • Within two weeks of submission, the article or paper will be returned with feedback from the editorial team.
  • It is the contributor’s responsibility to review, amend, and return the submission accordingly.


The Program is non-profit and generally does not offer payment. However, in some circumstances we may commission for articles and the payment decisions shall be subject to contractual agreement between the organization and the author.

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